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5 Signs Your Website is Outdated

Your Website is one of your most essential sales channels. Here, collectors and potential buyers can find information on your art 24/7. The technical scope of websites changes rapidly, and with that user requirements. Your target audience is no exception! The art market is evolving rapidly, and digitalisation is now
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10 Tips to Manage Your Art Inventory

Are you thinking about professionally managing and documenting your art works, collection, or inheritance? A lot of questions may arise when dealing with professional art management, especially if you aren’t familiar with this topic. Maybe you’re asking yourself which information needs to be recorded, what an inventory software like ARTBUTLER CLASSIC must be capable of, and why there’s a difference between storage and art work location.

We have compiled a glossary on the subject of inventory management to briefly and clearly explain the main expressions concerning art work documentation. We’ll also show you which basic information a database software should record.

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Top 5 online marketing tips for galleries

Every gallery is also a commercial enterprise that needs to sell its art and find new collectors. Today, a number of tools and channels exist that allow you to promote your gallery and your artists and to attract potential collectors and art lovers. In our five tips and specific examples, we’ll show you how to bring more visitors to your website, how to raise your artists’ profile, and how to sell more art using simple and inexpensive measures.

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How to sell art more easily

There are many ways to sell your art: in galleries, on art fairs, or via the internet. Selling art online offers numerous possibilities. You may use platforms such as Artnet, Artsy or social media platforms like Instagram or Facebook. When communicating directly with collectors, however, these channels also present some shortcomings. They don’t allow you to send exclusive and individual offers or exhibition previews to potential buyers.

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Social Media for galleries

Are you still satisfied with the number of people visiting your gallery? Or are your visitors becoming fewer and fewer? In this case, you are not alone. A survey from Invaluable, an online art specialist, makes it clear: more and more people no longer view art in galleries or museums but on social media channels such as Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter.

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Responsive Design for gallery websites

What is “responsive design?

When we talk about “responsive” websites, we mean websites that automatically adapt themselves to any screen size – whether it’s a big desktop monitor or smaller smartphones and tablets. This means not only arranging the page to make it easy to read and browse on any device, but includes loading the right image for retina and other high-resolution displays.

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