With cura3D fairplanner and gallery pro you can

Import works from Excel or ARTBUTLER

Place works true to scale and without adjustments on the walls and indicate centimetre-precise hanging

Plan exhibitions and tours in the gallery's space

Digitalize your own gallery space in detail and plan virtual exhibitions

Make curatorial planning, trade fair applications and assembly instructions for stand construction easier

Using Cura3D saves us an incredible amount of time! I built four completely different versions of a booth in just 60 minutes! Cura3D allows you to instantly implement your ideas and experiment with different versions.

Christina Wigger, Setareh Gallery, Düsseldorf

The planning tool of cura3D is exclusively available at ARTBUTLER

Cura3D Fairplanner

  • Transfer work info from Inventory Management
  • Plan trade fair stands and exhibitions
  • Create virtual tours
  • Create lighting design
  • Exports for art fair advertising and booth construction
  • monthly bookable

150€ * monthly fee

Cura3D Gallery Pro

  • Plan exhibitions in your own space
  • Use your model of your own rooms for virtual exhibitions
  • Send screenshots and panoramic views from your exhibitions to your clients and curators
  • 3D renderings of your own rooms on request

3.500€ * License costs

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