Art is communication. We love interacting with the art world and our clients. As ARTBUTLER Services we conceive and organise the following for our partners and clients

  • Trainings
  • Gallery Walks
  • Workshops on topics relevant to the art market
  • Lectures

Training Courses

For many years now we’ve been guiding clients through the art world and are delighted to be able to pass on our acquired knowledge, giving you the opportunity to fully exploit ARTBUTLER’s software.

  • Facilitate Communication with Collectors
  • Customise documents such as invoices and price lists
  • Simplify inventory, accounting, and artist invoices

Individual Training 

We hold individual training sessions for using ARTBUTLER’s software with your data serving as an example. We’ll come to your office if you like. We always tailor trainings to meet your individual requirements and preferences.

Choose from our training options:

  • in Berlin (also by the hour)
  • at your place (outside Berlin only all day)

Short Sessions

Join us for two-hour, one-to-one online sessions! Together, we’ll work on organisational procedures and workflows, enabling you to make the most of ARTBUTLER!

Choose a date for your online training – whenever is most convenient for you. Based on our experiences in cooperating closely with galleries, studios, and collections over the years, we’ll show you what ARTBUTLER can do for you.

Choose from the following topics:

  • “First steps with ARTBUTLER”
    Ensuring an optimal and quick start with ARTBUTLER
  • “More sales with ARTBUTLER”
    ARTBUTLER’s essential tools for sales 
  • “Avoid last-minute stress before exhibitions and art fairs with ARTBUTLER!”
    Exhibition and art fair organisation with ARTBUTLER
  • “Recognise trends and target sales with ARTBUTLER”
    Data based strategy development / Data reporting and analysis
  •  “Keep an overview of your art with ARTBUTLER”
    Location and inventory management / Transport organisation
  •  “Improve client knowledge with ARTBUTLER”
    Improve contact maintenance and relationships, and record individual preferences

Art Walks

Boost Exhibition Attendance

In neighbourhoods harbouring a cluster of galleries, we regularly organise walks to boost exhibition attendance - like the Charlottenwalk. We’ll coordinate press work, including flyers, posters, and social media so you can focus all your attention on your visitors.

The Charlottenwalk is a great opportunity for us to welcome new visitors to our gallery and has already won us excellent new customers. We’re always keen to be a part of the event.

Mario Bermel, Bermel von Luxburg Gallery, Berlin

Art MarketTalks & Workshops

Exchange Ideas with Experts and Enthusiasts

In our ARTBUTLER talks & workshops, we invite experts from the art market to give you helpful practical tips for your everyday work. In debates, lectures, and workshops we share ideas and expertise and establish valuable contacts for future projects.



Benefit from our Experience and Expertise

ARTBUTLER’s managing director Dirk Herzer and his team regularly attend external events organised by partners as well as visiting universities and art fairs.

We’re happy to present our acquired knowledge at an event. Contact us if you’re interested in ARTBUTLER’s Art Market Talks, workshops, or guest lectures.


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