How to sell art more easily


There are many ways to sell your art: in galleries, on art fairs, or via the internet. Selling art online offers numerous possibilities. You may use platforms such as Artnet, Artsy or social media platforms like Instagram or Facebook. When communicating directly with collectors, however, these channels also present some shortcomings. They don’t allow you to send exclusive and individual offers or exhibition previews to potential buyers.

ARTBUTLER CLOUD Showrooms lets you do just that.


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What are ARTBUTLER CLOUD Showrooms?

Showrooms are private presentation pages you can send to collectors as exclusive offers or individual previews. Simply link these pages and send in your email–also password protected.

How do you benefit from Showrooms?

You want to quickly send an offer with various works and corresponding information to several collectors? To do so, you’ll either create a PDF file, which is very large due to the number of images, or you’ll attach each image to your emails. You’ll do this for every single contact, which will take up a lot of your time.

Sound familiar?

Showrooms are easy to use and allow you to work much faster. Create a selection of works on your computer with as many images and as much information as you desire, and save as a Web-Showroom. Send the link to this private page in your email to one or more potential buyers who may then view the offer from any device or see the art works before a show or art fair begins. The zoom feature allows your collectors to perceive an art work’s important and special details, offering an accurate impression of your works.


Please note: To create Showrooms you’ll need an ARTBUTLER CLOUD account


Have you sold one of your art works in the meantime?

You may change your selection of works at any time. If an art work has been sold and is no longer available, simply remove the work in question from your offer. You may change the images in your work lists with immediate effect, so your collectors always receive updated information.

Can I create/use Showrooms without internet access?

Yes! With our ARTBUTLER Showroom App.

You’re at an art fair (e.g. Art Basel, Art Cologne, etc.) presenting only one selection of works from your gallery. If collectors are interested in other art works not on view here, you’d usually present them with a print-out and a corresponding work list. The images are too small, however, print quality is lacking and details aren’t visible.

Sound familiar?

You can increase interest for your art amongst collectors using our Showroom App. Present works on the go or on site at an art fair. Simply download a selection of works to your iPad App when you’re in your gallery and have internet access. The app also works without an internet connection, allowing you to present your art to collectors from anywhere and without internet access. In this way, you can enhance your art work’s appeal and boost popularity for your gallery, studio, or collection.