More Time for Art and Clients

ARTBUTLER Software helps you manage and present your art through:

  • Cloud-based & locally stored art management software
  • Flexible presentation options on all devices
  • Direct connections to platforms such as Artland

ARTBUTLER Art Management Software

ARTBUTLER Software allows you to cope with all the detailed information and data on everything you collect, create, or sell. It offers many features to simplify your daily art management tasks so you can make time for the essentials: art and clients.

  • Keep note of comprehensive information on works, of editions, stock, and transport.
  • Save valuable time when creating offers and invoices
  • Simplify the maintenance of your customer relations

The Right Solution for every Occasion

Artbutler’s modular design lets you choose modules and configurations that best meet your demands:

  • choose single work spaces or several locations
  • choose a small number of works and artists or extensive archives

If you change, so do we. You can adapt ARTBUTLER to any team size. We’re always happy to advise you as to which option best suits your demands.

Here for You

To fully benefit from our software, we offer you our full support and expertise:

  • Our team is well-versed in the art world with many years of experience
  • We have an extensive online help area
  • We tailor trainings to meet your demands
  • We offer simple transfer of your data from other databases
  • We offer individual support via email, and phone

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Your cloudbased art database:

  • Create a sophisticated database to have all information always at hand
  • Showcase artworks online and in person with Showrooms and Presentations
  • Create portfolios, work labels, inventory- and price lists
  • Transfer your artworks swiftly to other platforms like Artland and Shopify
  • Receive sales enquiries, send payment links and easily set up a web shop
  • Flexible subscription with modular functions, customisable scope and scalable user logins

Prices start at €19 per month


Your locally stored art database:

  • Installation of the software on your own computer or in your own network - no Internet required for use
  • Your own program: capture your data in the purchased software
  • Artwork- and contact management
  • Invoices and offers
  • Manage exhibitions and art fairs
  • Records commissions
  • Allows data transfer from other systems
  • Personal telephone and e-mail support
  • Costs depend on number of users and works

from 2.900 € (1) + 58 € * monthly

Starter version already from 950 € *
Artist version 1.900 € *

Please get in touch!

We’re always happy to provide you with a detailed presentation of our services and configuration options to meet your demands. 

Give us a call T +49 30 48623067


Present your art to a worldwide audience.

  • Easy and intuitive design
  • Your art always takes centre stage 
  • Optimised for all devices

Comfortable Setup and Easy Maintenance

Manage updates and edits in just a few clicks.

  • Access your data at all times
  • Connect to ARTBUTLER art management
  • No need for external designers and programmers

Artbutler is very user-friendly. We can easily display our artworks on our website by transferring them from our database in just one click.

Chippy Coates, Coates & Scarry Gallery, Bristol / London

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Please get in touch!

We’re always happy to provide you with a detailed presentation of our website tool to meet your demands. 

Give us a call T +49 30 48623067