Present your art on your iPad

Present your artworks

Show your clients, colleagues, and network what you have. The ARTBUTLER SHOWROOM APP enables you to present your works and collections in an elegant layout. The Showroom App does not require internet access, serving as a perfect tool for selling at fairs and on-the-go.

Effortless communication

Create follow-ups with ease and keep your clients interested. The SHOWROOM APP from ARTBUTLER allows you to send images and selections of works in just one click on-the-go.

All benefits at a glance

Present works

Compose your own groups from the works you transferred to the app on the go, creating individual presentations for your clients, even without internet connection.

Effortless communication

Single works and entire selections, including chosen information specified for each work, can be sent in an email directly from the app. You can send information on works to your clients directly from the fair, for instance, following your on-site conversation. In this way you will keep your clients interested.

Convenient transfer

Transfer works and compilations that are administered in ARTBUTLER CLOUD to your iPad in just a few clicks while you have internet access on your iPad.

Real time updates

If a work has been sold, modify selections of works in your showrooms to show your clients exactly which works are still available to them.

Your on-the-go-portfolio

Make sure your works are always at hand and presentable. The Showroom App and the compilation feature will give you more time for nicer tasks than creating portfolios and lists while at the same time making sure you are always perfectly prepared.

Sales tool for arts

Show more works at fairs with the ARTBUTLER Showroom App. You can spontaneously commit to your clients’ interests and are more flexible.

What our customers are saying

Artbutler is a huge relief

Carola Persiehl, Galerie Commeter, Hamburg

We are still very happy with the program, and I’m also really pleased that my questions are always answered and solutions found so quickly.

Galerie Martin Janda, Vienna

I have to say - I am really happy with Artbutler!

Mark Müller, Galerie Mark Müller, Zürich

Choose the plan that fits to your needs

To manage the data on your iPad is an ARTBUTLER CLOUD account necessary, the cost depends on the number of iPads that you want to manage:

Are you an ARTBUTLER CLASSIC client? Please ask for a special price.

"More time for art and clients - it can be so simple"

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