Plan virtual exhibitions in 3D & present virtual online tours

With the following options you can plan art fair booths or exhibitions and generate virtual tours from these plans.

In addition, you can generate high-resolution 360° photo tours of your physically occurring exhibitions or fair booths for virtual visits and documentation.

Visiting your exhibitions is possible without your visitors having to be physically on site!


Whether it's an art fair booth or a fictitious or real exhibition in your own rooms: Place walls, test framing and hanging works, try alternative hanging methods, discuss the designs, generate construction plans...and all this in minutes!

Plan your fair booth from the floor plan to walls, plinths to centimetre-precise hanging and a planning export for your stand builder.

Fair booth planning Setareh Gallery

In addition to real plans, you can of course also curate exhibition booths for the purely virtual presentation of works.

You can curate exhibitions in fictional spaces to convey spatial effects and the interplay of works.

You can also add partition walls, colour walls and vary the visual axes.

Have your own rooms rendered, including details such as lighting conditions and architectural features, and then prepare centimetre-precise plans for exhibitions or virtual presentations.

Once created, you can use these rooms for planning as often as you like.

With Cura3D we can now save an incredible amount of time! For example, I built four completely different versions of a stand in only 60 minutes. You can quickly test ideas and experiment with variations.

Christina Wigger, Setareh, Düsseldorf
Fair booth planning Setareh Gallery



Once you have created your virtual plans, you can use them for applications, exchange designs with curators or artists or offer your customers tours of your exhibition booths, fictitious or real exhibitions:

You can generate high-quality "installation views" from your plans, for example for art fair applications or to present certain works of art to collectors without actually having to hang the works.

Fair booth planning Setareh Gallery

You can also experiment with different perspectives, just like in real photography.

Contemporary Fine Arts Berlin, Edgar Leciejewski, planning status of the exhibition "Ferragosta" 16 August - 14 September 2019

You define points of view and then let your audience wander through your purely digitally created exhibition and experience the art in space.

Virtual Tour fair booth

The exhibition in the room or at the trade fair must never have taken place physically. No elaborate hanging, no transport of works from the warehouse, and yet a curated and spatial experience of art.

Kunstmuseum Basel - cura3d VR Tour:Photo Example

Example from Kunstmuseum Basel.

Document your exhibitions in brilliant quality and offer visitors the opportunity to experience your exhibitions spatially without having to be on site.

This possibility also exists independently of a previous virtual planning, here high-quality photos of your real exhibition are generated with a 360° camera.





High-resolution 360° camera shots of your exhibitions, allowing visitors* to visit the exhibitions virtually without having to travel or after the end of the exhibition, to experience the exhibition in its spatial effect and to see more details of individual works than is often possible in the exhibitions themselves.

Kunstmuseum Basel - cura3d VR Tour:Photo Example

The Kunstmuseum Basel has made an exhibition accessible in 2020 in a highly innovative way.


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