As a user of ARTBUTLER LIGHT, you can expect many improvements and new functions for managing, presenting and selling your art when you upgrade to ARTBUTLER NEXT.

The switch is done with just one click. You can find out how to upload directly from ARTBUTLER LIGHT to ARTBUTLER NEXT here.

ARTBUTLER NEXT in 360 seconds

Learn in 360 seconds how to manage, present and sell your art with ARTBUTLER NEXT:

16 reasons to switch from ARTBUTLER LIGHT to ARTBUTLER NEXT now! 

  • Access and edit on your mobile phone or tablet just like on your desktop computer
  • Offer one-click payment options to push online sales
  • Customize the layout of your showrooms:
  • Learn about your clients from showroom statistics
  • Set Showroom expiry dates for limited offers
  • Use Showroom Presentations on any number of devices - no download or app required
  • Track your sales history for each work
  • You are a gallery or a collection? Transfer data to Artland directly to increase your visibility Seamless Integration of your Shopify webshop:
  • Combine search terms for precise results:
  • Seamless integration of your Shopify webshop: Transfer works to your store, sold works are automatically marked in ARTBUTLER NEXT, including sales details
  • Work simultaneously with multiple logins
  • Modify several works at the same time
  • Use the tile view for visual browsing:
  • Export even large work lists to PDF files
  • Pick up where you left off even when switching devices
  • Provide your content in multiple languages to suit the needs of your clients

Upcoming in ARTBUTLER NEXT: Integrations of various online platforms, individual selection of content for PDF exports, contact management.

Switch now from ARTBUTLER LIGHT to ARTBUTLER NEXT with just one click: