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What does ARTBUTLER NEXT offer?

  • Your database to have all information always at hand
  • Present your artwork online and in person
  • Create portfolios, labels, inventory and price lists as PDFs
  • Transfer works to platforms like Artland and Shopify
  • Receive purchase requests, send payment links, and set up a web store

What does ARTBUTLER NEXT cost?

The cost of your ARTBUTLER NEXT subscription flexibly adapts to the scope used, the selected functions and the number of users on your account. The basic subscription starts at only 19€ per month.

Artists &

from 19€ per month

Galleries & Collections

from 29€ per month

What our customers say

ARTBUTLER NEXT is a great help when preparing exhibitions and fairs, saves me a lot of time and simplifies communication with galleries and institutions. I can also create perfect work lists or portfolios on the go.


Maria Wallenstål-Schoenberg © Hannes Rohrer

The Online Showrooms are an important tool for my gallery work and with ARTBUTLER NEXT everything is fast and intuitive.

Pierre Granoux, LAGE EGAL © Klaus Killisch

Sorting and selecting digital images is an essential component of my artistic work. With Artbutler NEXT I can quickly send first drafts as PDF or Showrooms, which makes the communication with institutions and galleries much easier.

Thorben Eggers, Atelier Hamburg - Copyright Friederike Urbanek / Studio Eggers

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