ARTBUTLER art managament software vs. FileMaker

In today's digital age, the art world has undergone a profound transformation, with artists, galleries, estates and collectors relying on sophisticated software solutions to manage their extensive art inventories. When it comes to archiving and organizing artwork, two prominent names in the industry stand out: ARTBUTLER and FileMaker. While both have their merits, it's essential to recognize why ARTBUTLER's art database software reigns supreme in this highly specialized field. In this blog post, we'll delve into the reasons why ARTBUTLER outshines FileMaker when it comes to managing art inventories.


Tailored to the needs of the art market

ARTBUTLER was designed with the specific needs of the art world in mind. It's more than just a database; it's an art-focused solution tailored to the nuances of the art market. FileMaker, on the other hand, is a general-purpose database management system with no inherent knowledge of the art industry. ARTBUTLER's specialization means it understands the unique metadata, terminology, and relationships that exist within the art world, making it far more intuitive for art professionals.


Extensive art centered database

Art inventory management requires extensive metadata to catalog and organize artworks effectively. ARTBUTLER offers a comprehensive set of predefined fields for all relevant information, such as artist, title, medium, dimensions, provenance, exhibitions, and more. Moreover, the intuitively designed user interface ensures seamless filtering and searchability for all elements. While FileMaker allows customization, it lacks the art-specific templates and predefined fields found in ARTBUTLER. This means that users of ARTBUTLER can start cataloging their collections immediately, saving time and effort.


Professional presentations and sales tools

In the art world, visual representation is paramount. ARTBUTLER provides a visually appealing and artist-centric interface, allowing users to upload high-resolution images of artworks and other documents to visualize their collections effectively. It also offers features like zoomable images and the ability to group works by artist or series. Furthermore, ARTBUTLER NEXT provides a myriad of features to elevate your art presentation. This includes Online Showrooms and Presentations, effortlessly shareable with potential buyers at the click of a button. Additionally, our Augmented Reality feature allows your clients to view artworks true to scale on their walls, facilitating faster and more informed sales decisions. FileMaker, though versatile, may not offer the same level of visual sophistication out of the box, requiring extensive customization.


Website integration

Unlike FileMaker, ARTBUTLER NEXT provides a dynamic and interconnected platform, allowing art businesses to effortlessly synchronize their databases with their websites. This integration feature not only enhances the overall user experience but also streamlines the process of showcasing artworks online. This results in real-time updates, ensuring that the online representation of artworks is always current and reflective of the latest inventory status.


All information about your art always at hand

The art world is increasingly global, and professionals need access to their art inventory data on the go. ARTBUTLER offers a mobile version that allows users to access their collections from anywhere, ensuring that artists, galleries, and collectors are always connected to their artworks. FileMaker also offers mobile compatibility but may require additional development to achieve the same level of mobility and ease of use as ARTBUTLER.



While FileMaker is a versatile database management system with a wide range of applications, ARTBUTLER's specialized focus on the art world gives it a significant edge in managing art inventories. With its art-centric approach, rich metadata capabilities, sales and presentation tools, and mobile accessibility, ARTBUTLER offers a comprehensive and tailored solution for artists, galleries, and collectors who seek to efficiently organize and manage their art collections. When it comes to managing art inventories, ARTBUTLER undoubtedly shines as the superior choice in comparison to FileMaker, making it the go-to software for the discerning art professional.

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