Interview with collection trustee Nicola Bude

Our “User Stories” column features our clients giving an account of their experiences with our products in their daily working lives. Collection trustee Nicola Bude (M.A.) uses ARTBUTLER CLOUD, our online solution for art management and art presentation.


Why did you choose ARTBUTLER CLOUD? What did you wish to improve?

We chose ARTBUTLER CLOUD after verifying a recommendation by Max Gölitz von Häusler Contemporary in Munich. For me, this software served as an easy introduction to the digital working environment, and as the best way to archive a collection.

What are the most significant benefits/advantages of ARTBUTLER CLOUD?

The big advantage of using ARTBUTLER CLOUD for us is the possibility to access and edit the archive from various locations.

If you had to recommend ARTBUTLER CLOUD, what would you say?

I have already recommended ARTBUTLER a number of times, as I was able to quickly familiarise myself with the system. To me, it is structured very clearly and is easy to handle.

Complete the following sentence…”Without ARTBUTLER CLOUD we wouldn’t…”:

… be able to access the archive regardless of location and work with one another.

Complete the following sentence…”Since using ARTBUTLER CLOUD, I…”:

… have learned how to work effectively using the internet.



Thank you to Nicola Bude for her feedback and supplied images. The photo shows a Calderara from the collection.