Interview with the Artist Thorben Eggers

Our “User Stories” column features our clients giving an account of their experiences with our products in their daily working lives. Artist Thorben Eggers uses ARTBUTLER CLOUD, our online solution for art management and art presentation.


Why did you choose ARTBUTLER CLOUD? What did you wish to improve?

I had already tried some professional programmes and was searching for a simple solution to organise my art works. Above all, I wanted to create work lists, archive and update reproductions, and have a clear overview of all my works. AB CLOUD fulfilled all these requirements, making my organisational work a lot easier.

What are the most significant benefits/advantages of ARTBUTLER CLOUD?

You can access it anywhere as it is not limited to a central database. My collectors and I especially like the possibility to create Showrooms.

If you had to recommend ARTBUTLER CLOUD, what would you say?

It helps keep an overview of your works and professionalises your way of working.

Complete the following sentence…”Without ARTBUTLER CLOUD I wouldn’t…”:

… have such a good overview of my own work or be able to quickly present potential buyers with available works online.

Complete the following sentence…”Since using ARTBUTLER CLOUD, I…”:

… have gained a very good overview of my work, making organisational work so much easier.


A big thank you to Thorben Eggers for his feedback and supplied images. View the artist’s website here.

© Cover image: Frank Blümler, Frankfurt