8 questions for Klaus D. Bode | Galerie & Edition Bode


Our gallery has been around since:

What must not be missing from an opening?
Art, artists, nice people, wine

Looking to your beginnings, which advice would you give yourself today?
I would tell myself to distance myself more when dealing with issues and incidents – but only in some cases!

With which deceased artist would you go for a drink?
With Klaus Kinski – I would have liked to experience genius and madness.

Please complete this sentence: Before I owned a gallery …
… life was only half as exciting.

What was the most absurd thing that happened to you on the job?
A Swiss customs officer wanted to place the identification stamp on the front of a painting, right at its centre where the there was a white area. After discussing the matter with several employees across various layers of management for the duration of four hours, the stamp was finally allowed to be placed at the back of the painting.

Will you still own a gallery ten years from now?
I will definitely deal with art; if I will still be a gallery owner as I understand the profession, I cannot say.

Please complete this sentence: Owning a gallery means …
… being an all-rounder. But it is the nicest calling.


Klaus D. Bode