Stay independent from designers and programmers


What exactly does it mean to be independent from designers and programmers?

You may create and maintain your website without the help of external service providers and without prior knowledge. 

What problems can arise when consulting external service providers?

Agencies or commissioned individuals, such as friends or acquaintances, create a website for you according to your specifications. A lot of times you cannot change the content yourself. Even when using content management systems, such as WordPress and Joomla that allow you to maintain your website, updating its content can be complex and complicated as many users do not have the necessary know-how to do so. Consequently, mistakes happen; costs for service providers are high and waiting times long.

What are the advantages of being independent from external service providers?

With ARTBUTLER Websites you can update your site’s content yourself and at any time, without external help or knowledge of HTML. Our website’s system works with concepts you know, such as “artists”, “works” or “exhibitions”, and is therefore optimally tailored to the presentation of your art. You can create and update individual menus and artist views as well as exhibitions. For only when your information is updated can you incite and maintain collectors’ interests.


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