What it takes to run a studio or how do I say goodbye to chaos?

A minute ago the key was lying on the table and now it's simply nowhere to be found. As if it had disappeared into a parallel world where all the lost socks and sunglasses have also found a new home. Admittedly, misplacing artworks is rather rare, but nevertheless life becomes easier if you have the right system in check to organise your workshop. After all, time often runs faster than we do, employees come and go, while important information is hidden in a confusing mess. This is where ARTBUTLER comes in to sort out these problems. Although we appreciate Excel spreadsheets, even cobbled-together solutions reach their limits at some point if you want to meet your professional requirements. This is why we have developed our software.

Let's take a look at five examples from everyday studio life that illustrate how pleasant working can be when creative chaos is transformed into professional organisation:

It's all about structure!

Imagine you have someone at your side who is like a walking encyclopaedia. A person who memorises every date, knows all birthdays by heart and also knows when the car has to pass its MOT. And that is exactly what ARTBUTLER is for your artworks. Which work was shown in that exhibition? Was it mentioned in a publication? Who was it sold to? All this information is just a click away and not buried in a mass of charts. You can also link numerous illustrations, installation views, assembly instructions and documents to a work. And best of all: The relevant information can be accessed by you and your team at any time and from anywhere. New employees can quickly gain an overview and get started without a lengthy onboarding. There will be no more clueless moments because information is impossible to find, or the worry that someone will accidentally delete the entire database.

Seek and ye shall find. Finally!

In the digital age, it should really be a matter of course that you have access to your database regardless of location. And with ARTBUTLER and a stable internet connection, that is exactly what is possible. Thanks to the cloud, you can access your data from anywhere and clear up any unanswered questions. You can narrow down your search by years, formats, techniques and other criteria. Life becomes so much easier when you know who to contact with your questions.

Save more precious time

With ARTBUTLER, you can personalise work lists, quotations and invoices to your liking by inserting your logo and customising the font. You can then format and send the invoices directly. This not only saves time, but also gives your communication a uniform, professional look that will convince your customers. And not only invoices, you can also create and print inventory and transport lists at the touch of a button. Another plus point: the likelihood of errors is reduced to a minimum.

Keep an overview

Who was again responsible for organising the take-down of the exhibition? And to whom was the work sold in the first place? These are questions that can easily get lost in the world of creative chaos. But don't worry, we have something for you. With ARTBUTLER, you can create a schedule that you and your entire team can access. No more confusion and uncertainty about organisation, instead clear communication on demand. Sounds good, doesn't it?Equally important is the control of costs and inventories. With ARTBUTLER, you keep an eye on your expenses per plant and know the current stock levels at all times. Whether something is available or not, how much the photographer cost, how much the framing - ARTBUTLER tells you all that.

Cutting corners instead of making messes

One aspect of ARTBUTLER that our customers particularly appreciate is the possibility to create their own digital showrooms. In a time when everyone expects access to information at any time, this is exactly what potential buyers want. A professional, clear and easily accessible way to view and directly enquire about interesting artworks. And at the same time, you have all the relevant information and photos about the work at your fingertips. But the best thing about it: With ARTBUTLER, your showroom is synchronised directly with your website, so you don't have to enter all the data twice. You simply enter the required information and make it available to interested parties.

More time for art & clients

You see, organising can be so easy. Since we have said enough things about ARTBUTLER, we'd rather let someone else have their say. In the interview, artist Thorben Eggers reveals what he appreciates about ARTBUTLER: structure, organisation and the time it frees up for the most important thing - the art. In his words:

Without ARTBUTLER, I wouldn't be able to have such a good overview of my own work and quickly present available works online to interested parties.

Have we sparked your enthusiasm? Try it out yourself now: Register now for free and test it for 14 days! For a personal consultation, please feel free to contact us! With ARTBUTLER you not only gain more joy in your daily tasks, but also more time for your art. After all, that is exactly what should be the focus.