The perfect art management solution for galleries and artists

The art world has changed dramatically, and galleries, artists, estates and collections face the challenge of efficiently managing and protecting their valuable works. ARTBUTLER PRO offers the ideal solution: art management software that can be installed locally on your computer or network, without a permanent internet connection. For remote access, there is also the option of online hosting. Learn why ARTBUTLER PRO is the ultimate choice for a professional art management in this blog article.

Insight into ARTBUTLER PRO

ARTBUTLER PRO is an outstanding software solution for galleries, artists, estates and collections. With its user-friendly interface and comprehensive features, art professionals can efficiently organize and manage their works, exhibitions, contacts and inventories. ARTBUTLER PRO's flexibility enables seamless integration into existing workflows.

The advantages of ARTBUTLER PRO

1. Local installation and data security
ARTBUTLER PRO allows you to install it on your own computer or on the network. Your sensitive data remains secure and under your control. A permanent internet connection is not required, which is especially advantageous in environments with limited internet access or for data protection reasons. Local installation ensures efficient and secure art management.

2. Remote access and online hosting
In addition to the local installation, ARTBUTLER PRO offers the possibility of online hosting. This gives you access to your artworks and information from anywhere in the world. Perfect for on the go or teams in different locations. The flexibility of online hosting adapts to the needs of a global art world.

3. More than an art database
ARTBUTLER PRO offers an impressive range of features, specially tailored for those who deal with art professionally or out of passion. From the management and categorization of artworks to the organization, exhibitions and contact management. The software supports all processes related to your art management at the highest level. So you keep the overview and increase your efficiency:

  • Works management and contact management
  • Invoices and offers
  • Exhibitions and fairs
  • Commission documentation
  • Data transfer from other systems possible

Art management with ARTBUTLER PRO

ARTBUTLER PRO is the optimal art management solution for galleries, artists*, estates and collections. With the option of local installation and data security, complemented by remote access through online hosting, the software flexibly adapts to your needs. Its comprehensive features, ease of use and customizability make ARTBUTLER PRO a reliable solution for your art management needs to optimally manage and protect your assets. Learn more about ARTBUTLER PRO here and revolutionize your art management today.