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GDPR Guide for Galleries

There is still uncertainty in many areas regarding what is permitted or prohibited when handling personal data, and which specific measures must be implemented. This also affects the art market. Our GDPR Guide for Galleries will help you to understand which measures to consider and implement.

5 Signs Your Website is Outdated

If technology and content of your online presence are outdated, less requests and potential offers for art works will occur. We’ll show you 5 signs, which prove your gallery or artist website is still up-to-date.

10 Tips to Manage Your Art Inventory

Are you thinking about professionally managing and documenting your art works, collection, or inheritance? We have compiled a glossary on the subject of inventory management to briefly and clearly explain the main expressions concerning art work documentation.

Sell more Art through your Website – Art Sales and the Power of Images

Imagine you could sell art 24/7. Your visitors could make out every detail, get an idea of work dimensions and obtain sufficient information on art works and artists. And your presence wouldn’t even be required. That’s all possible!

Interview with the Artist Thorben Eggers

Interview with collection trustee Nicola Bude

5 Online Marketing Tips for Galleries

How to sell Art more easily

Social Media for galleries

Image-driven websites

Eight questions for Alex Schlesinger

Responsive Design for Websites

Independent from designers and programmers

Eight questions for Klaus D. Bode

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